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    I'm looking for a 12 month free phone contract. Any networks is fine but it needs to have free x-network anytime minutes (even 150 will do but the more the better). No texts needed but if they are included I'm not complaining....
    Doesn't really matter about the phone either, but preferably a Nokia. However, I want it to be from a reasonably trustworthy retailer. I've seen the 11 month free Nokia 6111 on e2Save but wondering if anyone can do better...


    I'm looking for something similar, need a new phone and contract, would like to stay on O2 but would like a tasty new phone.

    Anyone spotted any good phone deals (inc cashback/quidco/etc) recently?

    What I would recommend:
    Free SE K510i on Racoon 35 (300mins/50sms) 12months FREE Line Rental
    £35/month, £420 cashback from Buy Mobile Phones, paid in three equal instalments of £140.00 at months 4, 8 and 12.
    minus quidco = £20 profit

    ] Now there are better tariffs from say Virgin Mobile but from retailers with stricter more frequent cashback redemptions, I choose that one for the midrange phone + only 3 redemption cashbacks.
    But better deals do exist from the likes of coolnewmobile and themobileoutlet
    For the most part midrange Nokia phones don't have 12months free except from CNM or TMO if you're really after a particular Nokia model, OSPS, E2Save, ThePhoneSpot etc will all do good 9-11months free rental deals but it'll be more than 3 redemptions, usually 4 or 5.

    There is also the possibilty, but not the guarantee of free capped broadband from Orange on this 12month contract, officially its on 18month contracts only, but rumours and mentions of people getting it on Orange 12month contracts.

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    I must admit I hadn't heard of buymobilephones and have no idea about their reliability. Number of cashback redemptions doesn't matter - in fact if it's 6, say one every other month, I'd actually prefer it because its less risky.

    Just took out a 12 month orange contract with [url][/url]
    it's a Samsung D600 and on Canary 30 (200 x network minutes and 75 texts)
    £37.50 quidco cashback and 11 months free you profit by £7.50.

    This lot are part of Carphone Warehouse so I hope the cashbacks cause no hassle.

    Buymobilephones have been around for a decade + other peoples experience is what made me go with them, got my 1st cashback no problem.

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    ok... slight change of plan... i now need a triband nokia with as many minutes as possible on an 11/12 month free contract from e2save, onestopphoneshop or phoneboxdirect as i have experience from all those before
    any ideas?

    "As many minutes as possible" always points to the 3 Network i think.
    As for handset, i'd hazard a guess most are tri or quad band these days.

    I haven't any experience of cashback deals, started one recently with e2save but too early to say, beyond the start has gone very well. The D600 i have from them on Orange canary, 200 mins + 75 texts is great, nice compact handset too.

    I guess you need to decide which is priority, handset, minutes, network, cost and work from there

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    lol you'll think i'm crazy now but not on 3 cuz i have a PAC code which i'll use to port my number across and then use the new sim in my existing phone and keep the new phone on a PAYG sim. as far as i know 3 sims will only work in 3g phones...
    handset is no priority as long as its a nokia. i dont think network matters either (altough i have for example, seen that phoneboxdirect will not accept ports onto vodafone)

    Lol, so now it's:

    Nokia handset,
    NOT on 3
    Many mins as poss


    A phone can be triband or quadband and not have 3G
    800mhz = original GSM (vodafone and o2)
    900mhz = a GSM some other countries use i think
    1800mhz = original PCN (tmob and orange)
    850/1900mhz = american and canadian frequencies
    None of which do UTMS "3G" Networks which is 2100mhz which afaik, all networks in the UK are using on 3G, 3.5G might be slightly different, I'm not sure but thats not used primarly for voice.

    Now asking for a Nokia 3G phone with 11-12 months free rental on a 12month contract is a high order unfortunately due to the Nokia premium (SE K800i (£100ish term cost) for example at least £50 cheaper on many deals and is SE forefront mainstream 3G phone up against the Nokia N73 (£155ish term cost)

    The Nokia 6151 is the new budget 3g phone from Nokia, but is still rare.
    The Nokia 6233 is the successor to the 6230i and is 3G but will be phased out by the E50 and E60 3G business phones next year, the 6233 and is about from TMO for £60 term cost and OSPS for £80ish term cost, depends which phone you want?
    The Nokia 6280 is also a 3G phone, slide and well established, available from OSPS for £82 term cost.

    By not including 3 deals you remove all chance of a totally free rental deal

    The cheapest deal: 6233 from The Mobile Outlet on Orange Canary 30 200/75 = £30 term cost after quidco
    The best deal imo: 6233 from OSPS on O2 400/100 = 82.41 term cost after quidco
    £50 difference getting you 4800mins vs 2400mins over the year, which I imagine with xmas and new year coming up would be appreciated, not to mention O2 retention far superior to Orange come this time next year (I got a free N80 which was £450 simfree at the time and O2 500 for £15/month on a O2 retention deal)

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    lol no look at my previous posts: it's a non-3g nokia phone (so boydent has got it right...:-D)
    phoneboxdirect have got a page of deals but i'll have to sift through them later

    Why dont you ask a phone supplier for the best phone they have and ask for unlimited mins and text to any network,and ask if you can have it free,i am sure they will give you it for your cheek.
    Not that your wanting that much is IT.

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    Why dont you ask a phone supplier for the best phone they have and ask … Why dont you ask a phone supplier for the best phone they have and ask for unlimited mins and text to any network,and ask if you can have it free,i am sure they will give you it for your cheek.Not that your wanting that much is IT.

    heh? dont get you... sorry :-(

    just found ]this
    triband nokia, 500 x-net mins and 250 texts, 12 months free on vodafone, and the same number of mins and texts on a nokia 6103 on t-mobile

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    ooooohhhhh... were you being sarcastic tcdmct?

    sorry i didnt quite get that, but tbh i never said it had to be a good phone and just said as many mins as possible with a minimum of 150 (see OP)

    does this not cause you issues with the 6070, since it's on Vodafone?

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    with the porting you mean? yeh i suppose i might go for the t-mobile one...
    i dont get why some retailers wont let you port onto some networks whilst others will .... like if i bought the phone from e2save, they'd let me port to vodafone :x
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