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Posted 7th Feb
Hi guys trying to understand this correctly, would appreciate some help.

So my current contract ends on the 14/03. I've found a deal im happy with but it ends in 4 days. This is off EE website about keeping number & switching:

  • After you request a PAC, we'll send you a text message straightaway with your PAC. This text will also contain Switching Information and a link to your online account.

  • If you want to switch providers, you'll have to give your PAC to your new provider. Once you've switched, your service with EE will be terminated and we'll stop billing you from that date. Your final bill will then contain any outstanding charges to pay.

  • If you're a pay as you go customer, you'll need to use any credit you have left on your account before you switch provider as you'll lose it when the switch is complete.

Now i only have a little over a month left on my contract anyway, so the final bill will be my final bill anyway but then:

  • we add together all outstanding monthly (or other periodic) charges for the remainder of your minimum term, factoring in any recurring monthly discount to which you are entitled, calculated at a daily rate

  • we then deduct VAT at the prevailing rate

  • we then deduct 4% for early receipt of payment to get the contract charge you owe us, reduced by any credit on your account

  • any remaining Add to Plan charges you have will then be added to this amount to generate your final Remaining Contract Charge

  • these charges may not include any pending bill & direct debit payments

So does this mean my final bill will actually be less & their will be no huge bill for leaving a month early? Sorry for sounding stupid but it sounds a bit too good to be true lol
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Phone them but in theory you would only have latest bill and final bill when you leave. If you haven’t already paid / depending on renewal date/ bill date
Yes you are right.
Without reading the ramble in bold: you can terminate your contract at any time subject to paying the equivalent amount associated with the minimum term. So if you use your PAC one month and 4 days prior to the end of minimum term your early termination fee will be the cost of one month and 4 days of your terminated contract, minus VAT.
Just get deal your happy with and request pac code on the 14th of feb, your finale bill will just be normal then..
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