Phone contract cancellation help required.

    Can anyone verify this is right.

    Currently on o2 rolling month contract 200 mins 400 txts £15.

    Noticed today Virgin are doing
    200 mins, unlimited txts £10
    400 mins, unlimited txts £15.

    Rang o2 to cancel but they said I can't cancel my contract there and then but it will be cancelled when I activate my PAC code on my new contract.

    If I take out the Virgin offer won't I be paying twice for the first month to both Virgin and o2 as it has 30 day cancellation notice.

    Is this right, I am not really into phone contracts so I need advice.

    Thanks for any help.


    O2's £15 a month gives you:

    Unlimited O2 calls

    personally think this is better than the Virgin deal (£15 one)


    Normal procedure for phone cancellation is that if you are past your original contract end date, then you have a rolling contract as you said you do. Normally then you would write a letter to them giving 28 days notice. Some people dont want the PAC code, so you dont have to do it that way. When you cancel you can ask for you PAC code which they will give you when your contract ends. Therefore you should not pay twice

    Original Poster

    Ok next question, if I go 300 mins 600 txts and unlimited o2 to o2 calls are they included in the 300 mins.

    For example if I use 100 mins o2 to 02 is it included in the first 300 but then after that they are unlimited or are they not counted at all even in the first 300?


    300 mins to anywhere else
    unlimited to O2

    hard? no.......

    Original Poster


    300 mins to anywhere elseunlimited to O2hard? no.......

    I know it seems simple but say the first 100 mins I use are o2 to o2 I bet this is included in the 300, so leaving 200 to anywhere else. Just wanted verification.
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