-*Phone contract help needed

I am a university student and will be doing a year long placement in the Netherlands starting 1st September as part of my degree. I took out a 24 month contract with vodafone in July 2009 as it was the best deal at the time and I was not expecting to be going abroad for 12 months. Obviously if I take my phone to the netherlands it will be very expensive to use and I will still have to pay the monthly fee I am paying at the moment even though I will not be able to use the inclusive texts, minutes or internet. I have phoned vodafone and they will not cancel the contract unless I pay £197, they will not lower the monthly price even though I cannot use anything I will be paying for, they only pospone contracts for people going away with the armed forces, and nobody in my family is willing to take the contract over.
Can anybody help me with this dilemma?


How much are you paying and what do you get for it?


Pay up. As it isn't a longer term you are going away for I wouldn't run the risk of taking a CCJ over it.

Worth asking if you can drop to the lowest tariff and then cancelling a month later. It may work out a little cheaper that way. As for getting out of it, unless you can prove Vodaphone are changing your terms and conditions (unlimited data maybe?) then you will just have to pay up - that's why it is called a contract.


That's the problem with contracts they bind both sides (which is the point).

All you can do is either pay it off (you did agree to pay that amount at the time), or find someone to take it over..
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