Phone contract offer on 3 (three). Good deal wanted

As the topic says, im after a very good deal on the three (3) network. I do not really mind about the phone but the deal has to be really good as in like £10 for 750 minutes x-net minutes + sms's. etc

Will be using the three chip in my samsung d500

thanks guys


hi u cant use a 3g sim on ur d500
and 3g doing a deal with 100pounds cashback from quidco but dont know if its tracking as my quidco isnt tracking so i was going to go for that deal too but dont want to risk that until it tracks and works out about £11 a month

If need 750 mins go with

Direct Talker 1000 (£17.50 for 18 months)

Get nokia 6233r or n80r and its half price 17.50 for full 18 months
=315 over term and 215 if quidco tracks


Then sell 6233 for around £120-130 on ebay

So works out at about £100 for contract over 18 months with
750 mins
150 txt msgs
video minutes 50 mins*
UK photo or video messages 50 messages*
Free Downloads £5*
every month!



is there a problem with quidco at the mo??

No idea.

But if there is join rpoints instead free to register and free to withdraw money and no annual charges.

It pays less than quidco with free (£60 instead of £100)

But when it tracks you can put in Highest Cashback Claim where rpoints will match quidcos £100 no problem.

This way you more likely to get your cashback if quidco is having problems:thumbsup:


im already with rpoints thanks!! so if it tracks i just put a claim??

"you can put in Highest Cashback Claim where rpoints will match quidcos £100"

yeah its a feature they dont like advertising

see FAQ's in rpoints

How do I make a claim under the Highest Cashback Promise?

Rpoints makes a "Highest Cashback Promise" that it will at least match the cashback offered by any of our competitors.

Details of the Highest Cashback Promise and a claim form can be found at:


is quidco a limited company as it needs to be under their t + c

No idea but I have all my claims accepted 95% instantly and they have all been to quidco.

Most things I buy are Cashback price matched now.
Save on any fees and charges others charge and always get the best cashback deal on top:thumbsup:

53 earned at PC World on 12 Jan-- 105 16 Jan 2007 Pending
36 earned at Play.com on 5 Jan-- 36 16 Jan 2007 Accepted
90 earned at Blah DVD on 15 Jan-- 90 16 Jan 2007 Accepted
299 earned at Boots.com on 15 Jan-- 299 16 Jan 2007 Accepted
1085 earned at Blah DVD on 29 Dec-- 1085 2 Jan 2007 Accepted
654 earned at Boots.com on 31 Dec-- 654 1 Jan 2007 Accepted

lol cool yeh i mean rpooints tracks mine most times but quidco hasnt been for the last few days so i was just thinking il do it via rpoints and maybe go for the n80 or a 6233 but the 3g c s is in india!lol

Original Poster

thanks a lot guys ! That offer looks fab.

Couple of q's.

1) Why would a 3g chip not work in my d500 ? Whats in the 6233r thats not in mine ?

2) How would I know if quidco tracks ? Say I go for the deal, will I have to be bound to the deal even if quidco dont track ?

Thanks !

well you get 14 days to return phone regardless of quidco

6233 is a 3g phone but i dont know if your D500 accepts 3 sims but I thought it would be ok if your phone was unlocked


Original Poster

Cool. Worth a shot then.
Thanks a lot.

Glad could help:thumbsup:

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last Q, the n80 seems to sell more than the 6233 . wouldnt it be better to get that and sell it ?

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I lied, this ones the last Q Can anyone confirm if the 3 phone will work in the d500 or not ?
p.s: If people mean that i cant use video features in d500 then thats fine. i only want to use it for calls and texts.

if n80 sells for more get that then lol
not sure about 3 sim in d500.
think i will turn laptop back on this wii mote takes some doing lol

Original Poster

didnt know you could surf the net on wii , nice !

thanks a lot for your help.

the n80 is a decent fone but slow and crashes a lot its not ideal for surfing using the wifi however it is a gud 4n. it has media player, gud camera and u can use ur memory card

ps i think if you dont like the n80 get rid of it and get a cheap 3g 4n abt 30-50 pounds and put the sim in there!

ps ordered a k610i for my sis!
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