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Hi all. My 18 month contract is up with orange at the end of the month and they have offered me the following with a little pursuadence(spelling):

: HTC touch diamond/Samsung F480 Tocco
: 600 mins/Unlimated texts
: £25

ITs usually 35 but managed to sway them

Ideally i wanted the samsung omnia but they said they have sent that model back and wont be getting anymore.

Does anyone know if I could ring O2 up and get the same deal as orange offered me but for the omnia? Or does anyone know any good deals for this phone




i got mine on a £35 month 600 mins unlimited texts on vodafone, got a freebluetotth headset and £91 cashback via quidco.. was annoyed no one would match the £25 simular to what you had, but moved to an area with no coverage so had to switch!

VDF is a 8gb model, Orange has the 16gb exclusive if that sways you.

Depends on what term you are after 12 or 18 months?

There is the 12 mth Vodaphone offer (already mentioned above and listed in the deals section)

If the goal is the cheapest monthly rental - Depending on the the minutes/texts you are after then there are a few more reasonable deals appearing now.

A £25 mth 18 mth term deal can be found ]Here - Phone is £14.99 but you get £40 back in Qudico - Works out about £23 mth over the term.

They also offer a 12mth deal at £30 month with £40 Qudico cashback ]Here. The handset is also free. You get 300 mins and 200 texts with that deal.

There is also an Orange deal via Mobile Express 400 mins and Unlimited texts at £30 mth for 18 months - You get £70 cash back through claims (if you want to take that route) and also £50 quidco.
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