Phone Deal with PS3

    Does anyone know is any of the phone deals with Free PS3's have any decent phones


    unfortunatley, you get the ps3 by accepting a rubbish phone, the company gets commision by you taking out a contract, and they pass some of this commision onto you in the form of a decent phone, or a ps3, but you wont get both

    Check out or - cant vouch for them as never ordered but good place to look everything up (can search by phone or free gift etc)

    As mentioned above, I have never seen any. May be better off just buying a PS3 n finding a good deal on contract.

    Ex. phones for you - Tocco lite, £30 a month on 24 month = £720
    720 - 250 for ps3 = £470, say over 18 months leaves you with about £27 for contract . . . Hope this helps mate!
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