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Found 21st Jul 2009

My phone contract is up for renewal but i have been with the same company - vodafone for the last 10 years and have decided its time to shop about.

What good contract deals are out there at the moment, i roughly send about 150 texts and use about 75 minutes a month and roughly pay about 13-15 per month.

i would require a new phone upgrade but not really fussed what.



I'd recommend Asda's pay as you go. They use the Vodafone network so you wouldn't need to change your phone. Minimum top up is £5 and it doesn't expire.

Texts are 4p and calls are 8p (to mobile or landline!)

Based on your example you'd pay £12 per month with no contract so if you use the phone less, you'd pay less!

check dialaphone website. They have always have some amazing deals! I had a leaflet come through the post the other day and i was quite shocked at some of the prices they had going!

i would recommend gonig for one of vodafones sim only deals, yes, you dont get a new phone, but if you are not bothered about having anything snazzy you can pick up a handset very cheaply off here or eBay or something.

sim only starts at £10 a month, 100 anytime minutes and 500 texts, and its only a 30 day rolling contract. Or if you want to sign up for a year long contract, oyu can get unlimited texts and 600 minutes. Probably not worth it with your usage though.

I went with vodafone £10/mo contract (last week), 100mins, 500texts, sounds perfect for you if you like the phones on option, i think theres 5 to chose from within the £10/mo plan (downside, 24month contract)
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