Phone for my dad - Moto G5 or Huawei Honor 6

Found 28th Jun
Hi guys,

Looking for some advice. Need to bring my dad into the modern day so was looking at these deals:…841…971


Moto G5 is brand new

Honor 6 is 'pristine'

Moto is £45 more, but it's new. Seems to be confusion as to whether it's a 2 or 3 GB ram

Would appreciate any thoughts!
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Definitely Moto. Had same issue with my dad. Moto has a very clean neat Google Android skin. It's system is very close to stock Google. Still took some time to teach him how to use it. Now he loves it.
If he really struggles there is an app which further makes things simple.
Adjust the font to make it has large as possible as that helps
Just bought mine a Sony Xperia L1 and he is coping ok with it.
Moto G5 for sure. Honor 6 will have EMUI which is not easy to use at all, but Moto will have closer to stock Android. Have a look at the new Nokia phones too, they are good and near stock Android too.
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