Hi, I bought a Sony Ericsson W580i from The Carphone Warehouse, but as soon as I want to put my SIM (Vodafone and I bought it with Vodafone £10 airtime) and It keeps coming up with Please Insert SIM or Press demo to view a Demo of the Phone, Press Demo...Anyon help me please!!!


    Daft question but have you checked the sim is in the right way around ? Also check there's no dust on the sim contact.

    Have you tried ringing the speaking clock:?

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    Tried it all, still not working!! :?

    [COLOR="Purple"]just out of interest how much did you pay?
    i have a brand new one i want to sell..

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    £69.95....dont really want to buy one..just wanted to find out what the problem was, as it works with any other Vodafone SIM, not mine :?

    My dads new phone would work with other sims but not his, Orange said that it was because his sim was not 3G enabled and had to send him a new sim.

    Is the phone unlocked ?

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    Nope. Just to Vodafone

    Sounds like the sims screwed, know anyone with any kind of voda acc ? If you have just stick their sim in the phone, if it works the sims duff. If it doesn't the phones the problem...

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    I've tried it in my brothers phone, worked fine, so I think its the phone...:cry:

    Yeah, if the sim works in another phone, then it sounds like your new phones the problem.

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    Ah well, CPW tomorrow :whistling:

    Best of luck. If you can take the other phone with you so you can show them the problem all the better...

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    Thanks, will do :thumbsup:

    Exact same problem happened with mine it would read other sims even older ones but not mine, Hated the phone.

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    All sorted now

    what was wrong with it?

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    They didnt say, the man just pushed the SIM in with a pen, and hey presto! :roll:
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