Found 3rd Jul 2007
Ok, so im still looking for a new phone....

Bought a e900 and sent it back cos i thought it was a bit pants, but regretted it a little bit :oops:

So now, im undecided, do i buy an e900 again or go for a SE k550im?

Bear in mind ATM i have a k750i so i like my SE's and know where im at with them.

Only really want something with bluetooth and a camera which is decentish.

Would like alot of phone memory though as i do do alot, and like to store loads of messages.

Any help is appreciated, just want to know which is the best :-D


what about a w850i??
I have one and I think its fab comes with 1g memory stick can hold loads of messages and a ton of photos

Think the price is out of range for OP if I remember correctly from before?

Wasn't there a Hot Deal w810 recently?

Original Poster

BUMP still havent really been given any info :geek:

e900 is crap no offence go for the k550i like the k550i so you'll enjoy it. so forget the e900 and get a k550
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