Found 14th Mar 2008
I have a w910i black (for some reason it makes a difference) and yesterday it decided to not send messages or make calls, originally i thought it may be my netwrok (orange) but after asking a friend who's on the same network they said that theirs was fine (same phone as well)

then in the afternoon while i was trying to text the phone turned itself off

and after that it started freezing while texting.

I rang orange and they changed the settings from GSM/3G to simply GSM so i thought great it would work.

But now the phone keeps 'freezing' by that i mean it stops half way through texting and then after 20-30secs it will let you text on.

I have also noticed in the last few days the phone seems to be running alot slower and takes alot longer to open up the menus and general things.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong?


Sounds goosed, ask for a replacement and make sure you tell them to poke off if they mention anything about insurance - it's covered under the sale of goods act for up to five years and the manufacturers warrantee for 12 months.

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the phone is only 3months old, orange said its not covered by them but sony ericcson have a 24months service so i guess its covered by that?

In a case like this you need to stick to your guns.

Orange sold you the phone therfore it is their responsibility to have it repaired or replaced. If you wish, you can deal direct with Sony but personally I would get Orange to sort it out.

I had a similar problem with Phones4U last year, where they refused to fix my K800i and were forcing me to deal direct with sony. Having had similar problems (360 RROD) I knew exactly what my rights were and after getting the manager out and making him look like a tit in fromt of 20 or so customers, he repaired my phone free of charge and gave me a free PAYG phone, Sim card and £10 credit as an apology.

But basically, the onus is on Orange, or the shop you bought the phone from to fix this issue for you.

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carphone warehouse.

Im friendly with the guy who sold it to me so will take it back this afternoon and let you know how i get on.

I took out insurance with carphone warehouse and i think it should be covered and espec cos its less than 6months old.

Richie thanks for the advice

Have you done a software update?

Use the cd that came with the phone to do a software update to see if that helps. It will be the first thing Sony will tell you to do if you contact them.

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done that only a few weeks ago orange say its running on the latest software

Let us know how you get on, the only problem you might run into is that it could take up to 28 days to repair if you go down tha route - but if you say you have carphone warehouse insurance it should be a case of walking in and getting a new phone.

Well I would run it again just to check, also do a factory reset to clear all the memory, but make sure you back up anything you need first.

Also are you using a memory card in the phone? If so remove it turn the phone off and on again to see if that helps as defective memory cards can cause slowdown problems.

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so i have left the phone in for repairs AGAIN

getting it back in the morning

They claim a software problem again so we shall see. I had done the master reset and the memory card thing.

It was claimed the first software update didnt work..but it has taken 6-8 weeks to discover this hmmm

New phone time, if your paying insurance you should not have to get the phone repaired, this software update **** and leaving it overnight sounds like one of the sales staff are tinkering with it for you which I would be slightly worried about.

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They said i need to get it done twice before they will give me a new phone.

So im gonna collect it today and gonna say to the guy in the other carphone warehouse that i want a new one

In that case, after this problem I would pull out of your insurance as it is clearly not worth anything unless you lose your phone. The phone insurance should cover you over and above the Sale of Goods Act, meaning if their was a fault on the phone it should have been exchanged for a new one there and then - by repairing it all they are doing is carrying out the obligations they would have with no insurance.

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i said that and the girl went off on one, i got the phone back today and again it doesnt work like it should.

I feel a new phone cos i had an agreement that if it didnt function 100% then it would be replaced so im going to do that tomorrow

After i go to vodafone with my sisters w910i which has decided it doesnt want to work. 4th time i've been to vodafone with this one now and im convienced they gave us a used phone from the off so this will be a fun day tomorrow
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