phone help needed in choosing

i currently have an N9 8gb on o2 3000 minutes 1000 text unlimited internet tarif at £60 (£15 reduction cos ive been with them for ever)
i need - camera at least 5mp. at least 1500 minutes and 600 texts. I also need to be able to access internet and upload photos to web which I know my samsung d900i couldnt do.
I dont like the iphone - touch screen and not being able to do predictive text.
i like the keys on n95 and predictive text but could do with slightly bigger screen as sometimes reports i input on websites need comments and i have a o2 XDA for work and comments take ages to type using the stylus and tiny squares on the screen
dear old o2 told me N86 but that has a smaller screen - only a bit but enough for my n95 to still be better
With the above requirements what can anyone recommend. much appreciated


how about the new ]nokia N900, thats what i'm thinking about getting, dont think it does predictive text though

Have a look at the Nokia X6 coming soon.…-x6

This is what i'm saving for.
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