Phone Help Please - k800i vs k850i vs G600 vs G800 vs Anything else

    Im currently looking for a new phone to replace my W810i.

    Im after a phone which has atleast a 3.2mp camera and a flash. It needs to be good at taking pictures in the dark while drunk. I dont really care about mp3 players etc, but i'd like a phone which has good video taking facilities.

    I've got a budget of £150, including used phones in good condition.

    So far i've found the following phones which are good but i cant decide between.

    Rep awaiting people.


    I vote for the k850i (although most say it's not that much of an update from the k800 which costs about 60 quid new now) from flebay to be honest. Not a fan of samsung phones anymore, liked the d600 ages ago and that's about it.

    You have to remember that branding by the operators can effect the reliabity of your phone, so try to get one unlocked and unbranded if possible.

    I have a samsung G800 i might be selling, pretty decent condition just a few minor scratches everywhere and only the phone, 2 chargers and headphones

    I have to say that i was surprised at the quality of the G800 night pictures, even when moving the phone constantly it managed to keep the faces blur free!
    The G600 which i have also had is awful for what you want it for, and the camera is very average.
    The K800i/K810i is still leading in the cameraphone department for all-round shots but is getting outdated fast.
    And finally, beeing a Sony Ericsson geek, i know for sure that the K850i is unstable and the light sensor is very 'iffy' to set off the flash or not.

    get a w960i if you can. Great camera, great mp3 player. and 8gb memory built iin

    i have a g600 fir 95-00 unlocked wiv vahrger and hed4nes
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