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    After being reluctant to take out phone insurance because 'I'm careful' with my phone I managed to smash and bend it on Sunday.

    I've since had the screen replaced by Timpsons, and they did a great job. Can I now get insurance? I've had a quick look around and can't see anything specific to insuring a phone which has already been repaired, but don't want to pay premiums if they'll just deny a claim if it came to it.

    Thanks in advance.


    It may perhaps depend upon the insurer, ask them and ensure you get a response in writing in case of any issues in the future.

    This is what I am shocked about "I've since had the screen replaced by Timpsons, and they did a great job.".

    I've heard nothing but terrible reviews from Timpsons, that's forgetting they charge an arm and a leg. May I ask what model it was and how much did they charge?

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    It was an iPhone 6s and cost £125. The other independent stores wanted £120 and offered 3 month warranty, which probably wasn't worth the paper it was written on, timpsons offered 12 months. I never even knew they did it, it was only because the guy in o2 and carphone warehouse recommended it.

    I'll ask some companies directly then, like you say, get written proof that it's ok. Any good ones?

    I see no reason why any insurer wouldn't insure your phone just because it has been repaired.

    Apple only charge £126 according to Apple website
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