Phone insurance?

    Help please!
    I have just bought a new moby, the c905 (awaiting delivery) but i have bought it privately.
    It is brand new in box and it is the "plus" model so HOPEFULLY it should'nt have any of the well documented problems.
    However, i am worried what will happen if it DOES have any of the problems!
    Can i take out mobile phone insurance from just anywhere and has anybody got any ideas on good ones?
    If i take out insurance, how do i know it will cover the problems?
    What sort of price is good and has anyone got any linkys please


    If it's new, it should have a warranty.

    Have you got the receipt coming with it?

    Original Poster

    No, it was an upgrade


    No, it was an upgrade

    If new, it will have a warranty.

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    I hope so.
    If not, anybody got any ideas/details about insurance?
    Any personal dealings with it?

    Personally, i would never pay for phone insurance as it's a total rip off.

    I have claimed twice on my home insurance under my accidental cover.

    The excess was £25.

    Still, that's better than £10 a month for how long?

    Also, phones change so much in a short period.

    Your prized possession you paid £200 for last year is now worth £5.23.
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