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Found 21st Sep 2009
Hey, i have a half broken iphone i have insured with the company that insures the phones 4 u contracts, i originally had a samsung omnia and have my iphone registered with them instead, i bought the phone off of here so have no proof of purchase really, can i still make a claim or am i wasting my time?

Cheers, Sean



make a claim

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Whats the worst that can happen? Best of luck...

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+1 :thumbsup:Whats the worst that can happen? Best of luck...

That i might end up with a broken phone and they won't replace it or fix it?

anyone dealt with policy admin phone insurance before?

I would claim, see no reason why not.
Maybe give them a call and ask to make sure.

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Ok coolio, i suppose if they say i cant claim without proof of purchase then there is no point me having insurance with them is there. Will ring them in the morning!
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