Phone Line + Broadband?

    Hello folks,

    I've just moved into my new home and I want boradband and a phone line. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    I've looked at Bulldog £20.25 for both (they seem to get alot of bad press)
    Talk Talk (18 month contract, long waiting times)


    Do I get a BT phone line then look for a cheap broadband provider? Is there any out there around the £10 mark?

    Many thnks, Kevin.

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    Don't even think about TalkTalk unless you are only using broadband for browsing and emails. Everything else is blocked/throttled. I was TT customer in the past.... Never again!

    How about getting broadband from NTL and using VOIP as a phone line? Basic BB NTL package will cost you 17.99. Then buy Freetalk (for example) - 80 quid/year and you have cheap calls everywhere and free UK calls. Also you will get local phone number.
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