Phone Line, Broadband and Digital TV

    Hi all... New Year... New House...

    Looking to move into house end January... what is the best phone line, broadband and TV package? Sky? Telewest?

    I live in Birmingham so access to pretty much everything digital.

    Cheers :thumbsup:


    Sky have better value packages allround compared to Telewest, but Telewest dont ask for money when you clall them out for repairs. Theres quite a few little things which make Telewest betetr over Sky and vice versa but if i were you get Sky

    Original Poster

    cheers manzi

    I have found telewest quite good. I have tel, broadband & 2 cable boxes running with no free calls and the supreme package on th tv for about 50 a month.

    Or get a friend to refer you, they get £50, and he can split it with you :-)
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