Phone not delivered from Mobile Phones Direct

Posted 16th Sep 2017
On Monday 14th August, I ordered the S8+ on contract with EE from Mobile Phones Direct(MPD). MPD uses DPD for delivery. DPD attempted delivery to my home but on both occasions I was out. I called and the best option was to collect from the warehouse. They gave me a choice of time slots and I chose 1600 to 1700 on Sunday 20th August.

When I went to collect at 16.50 on Sunday 20th August, the DPD worker said the phone had been collected already at around 12 on this day. The guy said two men collected and they showed a driving licence when they should also show a utility bill. The phone has been stolen by someone from DPD.

I spoke to MPD on Monday and they said that I need to confirm where I was on that date(I was on a flight), get a crime reference number and write a letter to confirm I did not receive the phone. They then said it will take 4-6 weeks to investigate and I should continue to pay my bill. I've been chasing MPD to ask them what DPD have said so far and they haven't said anything.

It's now been 4 weeks and it's just really annoying that I haven't received the phone and not even been given an update. Is there anything I can do to push this along? I've got a funny feeling that MPS are going to push the blame on to me. I initially thought I shouldn't even get a crime reference number because it's not my property that's been stolen....its DPD or MPS phone.
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