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Posted 27th Dec 2020
so my samsung (s10 lite) would always have the default app sound notificaiton so emails would be the outlook sound, ebay would have it's own sound etc & that was just they was it was when originally set up. long story short the phone had to go in for repair it was factory reset before i sent it away & came back factory reset as well. Since setting it up again, all notificaiton sounds for the apps are the same for most things eg ebay, email & text all have the same sound. yes i know how to change them to something different from the list of preset sounds in the device however ebay & outlook should have their own unique notification sounds that arent in the sounds list. I'm confused as to what has happened, why are they now the same & how do I go about getting the default sound back as in the unique sound associated with that app.

if it makes a difference when i set up the phone after getting it back i did it from backup using an app called smartswitch
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