Phone number for ebay?

    Looking for a phone number for ebay, have a case open in the Resolution seller but seller is being rude and abrupt and I want to end it and get a refund. Ending it via ebay doesn't give me this as I requested a replacement rather than a refund.

    Have tried thier contact us section but they ask you questions that never give you the right answer and I just want to phone and speak to someone!


    020 8605 3000 * eBay UK main

    If you havent got the number listed in your account, they will ask you were you got the number. You only actually get the number listed in your account when youve spent so much with them, which is a cheek really.

    I got it once, and then a month later it wasnt listed, but had written it down. They asked me where id got it from.

    The cheeky gits, they make enough money out of everyone.

    ebay are so good

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    Thanks guys
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