Phone number for sky

    Anyone got a freephone, 0870 or 0945 telephone number for sky


    try this 0800 0512597

    Hi if you have got sky phone line rental all calls on the 0845 are free to phone sky.

    Most of the sky help numbers are now 0844 and these are indeed free if you sign up for sky talk. But BEWARE... they follow your package deal - if you have an anytime deal then they are indeed free, but if your package is like mine - freetime - evenings & weekends only then these 0844 calls are NOT FREE in the day time.

    Also watch out, the evening now starts at 7pm NOT 6pm.
    That should catch a lot of folks out.

    If you need to call Sky during the day - get them to call you back, and complain that you should get helpline calls for free, since you are actually a subscriber. The more people that say this the more likely it is they will listen.
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