Phone number trick

    Get a calculator then do the following:-

    Enter first 3 digits of your phone number (not the area code)

    Multiply by 80

    Add 1

    Multiply by 250

    Add the last four digits

    Add the last four digits again

    Subtract 250

    Divide by 2

    Does the number look familiar :whistling:


    :giggle: i dont have a landline, but i used my mums, was nowhere near :giggle:

    Me being thick and all i probably did it wrong :giggle:

    nope lol

    i only have 6 numbers in my phone number tho so maybe thats why?

    oooo i tried it on my mams number...haha thats cool

    That would work if I had a seven digit phone number...

    Explains why then, mums number is also 6 :giggle:

    so what's happening then?
    can't see anything obvious with my number....

    Nope, nothing here either...

    Its nearly right but not quite!!!

    thats class !!!

    amazing, and freaky.

    well done !! Thats cleaver.
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