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Found 10th Aug
What does everyone do with the photos on their phone? Ive just realised I have 6k on mine. I do like flicking through older ones sometimes but obviously not all of them so would like to have a clear out but still keep them somewhere.
They're all backed up through iTunes to laptop but wondering if I should be doing an external back up too?
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I use iCloud and google photos
Backup to Local storage.
You should definitely have multiple copies of them if you delete some off your phone one hard drive fail and you could potentially loose them forever, I have a copy of mine on a hard drive organised by year and month, then have an identical copy on 2 more external drives and a 4th copy on a USB flash drive that is kept at my parents house which is updated every so often. Is it overkill? Some would say yes but backups have to be.

Google Photos is a really good choice for simplicity, Google just looks after your photos in the cloud however I'd still have a local copy too and 6k photos might take a good while to upload.
I use a external hard drive for my photos - frees up other space - and print off some photos each year - love a proper photo album to look through with the kids (and grandparents)
Google photos only gives you 15 gb of storage at full resolution otherwise unlimited unless you own a pixel. So I use Flickr which gives me 1 Tb of storage. Also download essential photos and store in a 4tb Nas drive.
I have Gsuite business (google drive) that has unlimited storage so I put them there. The app does this automatically.
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