Phone plan for deaf user?

I have a family member looking for the best mobile phone plan to suit their needs. They are completely deaf so making phone calls isn't an option so minutes are not required. Is it possible to get a data only plan to use in a mobile phone? Any communication would be made using video calling so unlimited data or a large amount would be best. If there are some texts thrown in that would be ok but messaging using data is fine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


see here…751

could go for 30gb for £3 more or unlimited data for an additional £6 (£23 total) with the £100 cashback and £50 amazon voucher its going to very hard to beat

three have a data sim for about £22 for 12gb that lasts 12 months.

why not speak directly to the networks as they might offer something more tailored. if not there is a sim on here from 3 that would give 12gb over 12months for £23ish you could use that see how much is used in a month and then look at data sims to match the need?

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Thanks folks. Wasn't sure if there would be a better deal with a data only plan or not. Thanks.
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