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Found 1st Jan
Can someone recommend a good Android phone for me?

I need something with a lot of processing power (ram, CPU etc) and a decent amount of internal storage (e.g. 64GB) as I have a lot of power hungry apps that I run at the same time.

I need to be able to run Snapchat, Discord, Facebook etc simultaneously and want to avoid putting apps on a microSD.

budget: up to approx £500
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Any mid range/flagship phone would do the job as they have the kind of processing power you would need to run apps smoothly.

The only ones to avoid are budget ones.

Can't really give more of an advice as pretty much all phones that would cost £500 can run multiple apps smoothly.

Have a look around for one around your budget and with the storage you need.
Will have a look into the Nokia, thanks guys
bev15052 h, 12 m ago

Will have a look into the Nokia, thanks guys

The one I posted is perfect for your description good luck
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