Phone Recommendations, Upgrading from s5.

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We are buying a Sim Free phone as a present for a person with a s5, they'd like a S6 or S7 but we cant stretch that far as the s7, what phones would be a noticeable upgrade from the Samsung S5. Im thinking Pixels, Honors, huawei etc. but I'm out of the loop and the cost of the S7 sim free is too much. Thx
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Does it have to be new? As you can pick used ones up considerably cheaper. Also what is your budget?
Need to know budget and what priorities do you have? Camera, headphone jack, battery life?
£200 is really the highest we can go. Nice screen, headphone jack, Personally think the s5 is a great phone, but there you go. ( Honor 9 Lite any good ? )
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Xiaomi mi A1, Honor 9 lite are very good options in my opinion.
Is it really a upgrade. If a phone runs apps and makes calls etc. what do you want it for.

Or is it for a facebook brag / want to keep up with the joneses mines better than yours effect.

As said. S5 is good anyway
Moto G6. The Moto G range is fairly affordable, good quality and reliable, light in bloatware and you can buy new with full warranty from John Lewis for £219.00 If you wait a bit longer, I’m sure there will be promotions bringing the price down a bit, as that happened shortly after the Moto G5 was launched. Since the G6 is very recent, it should receive Android updates for quite a while and last a few years. It will definitely be light years ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which can get quite slow for today’s standards.

Otherwise, as suggested, the second hand market can offer good options, but be careful with buying from individual sellers (unless it’s someone you know), as eBay and Gumtree have lots of people selling phones and then reporting them stolen to claim insurance. This can happen long after you’re able to put a claim through eBay or PayPal and the device gets locked by the carrier and stop getting a signal in the UK.

Envirofone and Music Magpie often have good deals on used devices, and the occasional eBay discount code + cashback can bring prices down further.
Moto x 4 generation seemed ok
An S6 is a big upgrade from an S5, far better camera and faster phone.

Use Smartfonestore (very good seller) to get a Grade A - S6 64gb for £190…409
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can't you get an s7 from music magpie and the likes for about £200?…wcB
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RadiantDuck18 h, 49 m ago

Xiaomi mi A1, Honor 9 lite are very good options in my opinion.

+1 for the Xiaomi MI A1, I personally don't think you can beat it for the money.
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