Phone screen damaged & selling phone - can I get it fixed & sell to music magpie etc?

Posted 22nd Nov 2017
My mobile phone screen smashed - weirdly with no force on it at all, it simply cracked of its own accord (trust me, I'm more baffled than you are as it sounds entirely improbable but it was on the side and nothing touched it, and 5 mins later it was cracked!).

The phone works despite the cracked screen - even the screen etc. works fine.

I want to sell the phone and put the money towards a new phone.

The phone is an iPhone 6s, and musicmagie pay £215 for a good condition one but £86 for a damaged one.

Is is ok to spend £69.99 or so getting the screen fixed by a 3rd party ( or similar) and then sell it to musicmagpie etc or does the screen have to be genuine apple when selling phones to these types of places?
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