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    Hi all,

    got a question that needs answering - hope you can help!

    iv gutted my house and am rewiring it from top to bottom, now iv decided to put the adsl wireless modem router in room A, and will have a LED TV in Room B and Room C, as well as laptops, mobiles etc all connected to it.

    now i was in currys today and the tv saleman told me as im rewiring that its best to have a have a direct RJ45 ethernet cable from TV to router as its most probable that future television programs will be delievred via the internet, for instance like lovefilm, youtube have been doing. wireless is good but not ideal.

    now i could have long RJ45 cables running from Room A (with router in it) to rooms B and C directly into the TV,Blu ray player etc.

    but was wondering if i could possible get a RJ45 sockets put into rooms B and C and have RJ45 from Room A run directly into them- and then another lead from the sockets in room B and C to the TV/blu ray etc?

    is this possible? and where can i get such sockets from?

    many thanks in advance



    Look on ebay for cat5/cat6 socket or RJ45 socket, you'll also need an IDC tool as well as cable.

    Yes, that would be possible. It's what I plan to do when I own my own home!

    Original Poster

    hmm intresting thanks for the replies

    was thinking can i get a ADSL- RJ45 and a phone socket in one

    that way could have tv plugged into one socket and phone in the other?


    I believe this is what you want....pricey though…lar

    Sounds exactly like what I have. Sockets on the wall in the lounge, my little office and the kids rooms, all going back to a set of sockets on the wall near the router.

    The only thing I wish I'd done is to have shelled out on a router with 8 or 10 ports or a small switchand put in more cables to each room going back to a small patch panel, so I could have more stuff attached, network a printer or two and do some networked storage as well.

    Screwfix do the wall mounted sockets which are modular and can cover for TV aerial, Satellite aerial, RJ45, PSTN phone, etc.…ar

    In addition to previous excellent replies I can recommend tlc-direct as a wholesaler of electrical cables, sockets, TV stuff etc.

    You could go beyond a simple home network and do what the big boys call "structured wiring". Google it for ideas. The general principal is that because retro-installing cable is sooo expensive you put it lots of cable then decide the usage and termination later. A cheap way to do that is to create 'voids' in the wall into which cables you don't want to use right now are coiled then covered over. Keep a record of where the voids are located. Later, when you change you mind about where the furniture goes you only need to re-decorate around the void area. Of course that's only the cheap way, the more professional way to do it is with "patch panels". (google that too for ideas).

    As far as the home environment goes what you usually want when trying to future proof are two types of cable: cat 5e for networks and security alarms and CT 100 for television and satellite. Either run lots of cat 5e cables to where the router will be or use a "network switch" and run all the cables to where the switch will be. Then run one cable from the switch to the router. Run the CT 100 (or equivalent) up to the loft, where you can either install a distrubition amplifer (for Freeview) or a multiswitch (for satellite).

    I have rj45 faceplates in every room, just need a 'punch down tool' to connect them up

    eBay item 350412856055:



    I have [url=rj45 faceplates]rj45 faceplates[/url] in every room, just … I have [url=rj45 faceplates]rj45 faceplates[/url] in every room, just need a 'punch down tool' to connect them up

    I got one off ebay for about 3 quid delivered. It's not the best quality but it does the job.

    Yeah, I bought this one, not sure it would last me too many more uses, but enough to get it done



    Yeah, I bought [url=this]this[/url] one, not sure it would last me too … Yeah, I bought [url=this]this[/url] one, not sure it would last me too many more uses, but enough to get it done

    Mine punched down fine but not so good at trimming the ends down.

    Yeah, I had to do one of them a couple of times as they weren't quite in, not worth spending an extra tenner on though


    I'm used to decent ones but my new employer has a ridiculously rigid approach to staff borrowing tools.
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