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Posted 29th May 2020
The pic below is of a phone socket in spare room of our house.

When we had sky router hooked to a phone socket upstairs in bedrooom, the socket in spare room used to work (had land line phone plugged in and also laptop on occasional use).

We moved to BT start of the year and placed their router downstairs in lounge so could hook up sky box/ bt box, etc.

Since then, the socket in spare room has not worked.
Am i right in assuming that there are cables running from upstairs phone socket that are connecting to the socket in the spare room?

Could there be any other explanation?

The cable sticking out underneath the socket is from an old skybox.
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those do not look like uk telephone points, it's likely the original socket faceplate connecting to those wires was taken out and for some reason the faceplate has been replaced with a network rj45 one.
get your screwdriver out and see if there is any wires inside.
Normally any extension socket , such as this , would be connected to the main socket (usually down stairs). You'd need to check out the main socket to see it the extension(s) have been disconnected. As said get your screw driver out. That socket is also an old UK one that would require a line filter to connect a modem.
40915117-bBvxl.jpgThe master socket is this one in the lounge.

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