phone storage is low

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Found 3rd Apr 2011
is there a way to get my phone to stop telling me that my phone storage is low without me having to delete anything. ie. i keep the things the same but that annoying message doesn't pop up anymore


Some idea of what sort of phone it is might help.

^What he said^

It will be android I'm sure of it #nastythings

If it's an android phone you have to delete stuff or you won't get any updates of e-mails etc while the low memory warning is there.

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oh yes,
sorry it is android but isn't there a way to do it without deleting eg. turn off notifications?

Not that I know of, and having low memory causes all sorts of other problems.

i have the same problem with my g2, have a 4gb memory card but cant transfer apps to it, stupid!, only thing i don't like about the phone really.


Make sure that if an app can be saved to the SD card you move it there.

I had same problem and it was msgs with attachments that were being saved somewhere taking all of the memory up.
I just took it to phone shop and they cleared it for me, I would tell you how but can't remember whathe did! Soz
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