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    Help, whats the cheapest way to get one of them mobile phone location trackers, me and the missus are fed up worrying & stressing over the whereabouts of our daughter when she's late in, this way we can easily find out where she is ! Any help would be appreciated.


    Hi Nige,
    Some friends of ours share the costs with a couple of other parents and it works out about £15 a year for them, you get so many free searches for each phone per year but pay after 10 or so.
    The problem came when their daughter realised that switching the phone off when she was somewhere where she wasn't supposed to be meant they could not track her.
    I think they still use it for peace of mind in case something serious ever happened

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    Any site links ? Sounds good.

    Hi Nige,
    I've just asked my other half and she thinks its called traceamobile ???
    They share an account with 3 other parents on one account as you can have up to 5 numbers per account so looking at the website I think it seems the right name

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    Thanks a lot, that sounds good to me. Its only accurate to 50m, but thats 100 times better than not having a clue where she is !!! Rep added for the info.

    Cheers Nige,
    Hope it helps and thanks for the Rep :thumbsup:
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