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Found 13th Jan 2018

I've got a LG G4 with the dreaded boot loop issue and the phone is unusable. I'm a pay monthly customer with Vodafone and have 2 months left on my contract.

Vodafone have sent it to there repair centre and they advise that it is beyond economical repair and it is a motherboard issue, it is on its way back to store. The phone is still in warranty with Vodafone.

I know that Vodafone are going to try and force me to take my early upgrade in order to get a new phone However, this locks me in to another 24 month contract and I had wanted to go sim only.

As the phone is still in warranty, has a known manufacturer hardware fault and I still have 2 months on my contract, I feel that it should be a like for like replacement phone without having to enter another 24 month contract to claim my rights. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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That’s correct, just get the replacement.
It's a 2 year warranty on the mobile you needed to send it to LG to be repaired. Takes about 2 weeks to swap the motherboard and return it. It's LG that are liable and not vodafone.
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As above it’s LG who are ultimately responsible however if they say it’s Beyond Economical Repair then it should be sent back with an RA number for Vodafone to process an exchange for replacement.
As above, the 2 year warranty is with LG not the network. The contract for air time has nothing to do with the warranty on the phone.

You need to contact LG for a repair.
Vodafone sold you the phone, so if you want a replacement under the SOG act you deal with them.They may, unfortunately, pull the 'betterment' clause out of the bag.
That basically've had an item that could reasonably provide good service for 20 months on a 24 month contract. It's value when you bought it was £240, ie £10 per month. Four months left they offer you 4x£10 =£40.
You then have to argue that the life expectancy of the phone is greater than that. Difficult to do.

You need to push for the reissue. Take the phone home and contact the service company directly.
Thank you everyone.

I sent the phone to LG repair before approaching Vodafone. They refused to repair saying that it looks like third party repair work was carried out, the phone was brand new from Vodafone and has never been opened inside. They also sent a few pictures of dust in the phone and said they wouldn't touch it. It is a known issue with it and LG have admitted to the motherboard fault online and vodafone repair have confirmed the fault.

Looking online it appears that EU directive 1999/44/EC states that: 'A two-year guarantee applies for the sale of all consumer goods everywhere in the EU' and that it is reasonable that the phone lasts the length of the contract. From what I am reading online, it is saying that as Vodafone are supplying the handset and pay monthly package, they would be responsible for fixing/issuing a replacement.
As far as I'm aware, the EU directive was never enshrined into UK law so has no bearing.
As a rule you get one year warranty from the supplier, unless they offer more. Any further warranty is with the manufacture, if they offer a longer term.

If LG are stating that the phone's been opened by an unauthorized third party and can prove it, then their warranty is void. If you feel that their findings are incorrect then it's up to you to prove it somehow.
As for Voda supplying the phone faulty from the start, again you'd have to supply proof of that to get anywhere...
It's possible that vodafone have opened it and invalidated your warranty so that could be an angle else your phone was a refurb and not new from start which sometimes happens.
Even if it was opened its irrelevant, the fault is caused by a known defect
How do you know that Vodafone are going to try and force you to take an early upgrade?
Refuse to start a new contract and tell them that unless you are provided with a replacement equivalent phone to use for the next 2 months, you consider your contract with them to be void by their non action.
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