PHONE4U buying me out of a contract?

    Hi im currently with 3 mobile and in march will only have 3 months left on my contract,ive heard phones 4 u buy people out if they have 3 months remaining on a contract,anyone here done this?i would stay with 3 but want the new blackberry storm and they dont have it.

    thought about the sony c905 but i find sony phones boring and always the same.


    I've had Phones4U buy me out of 2 contracts in one go (2007) but I can honestly say their customer services is very poor so please be careful. From past experience, they usher you to a seat before you even get a chance to look at phones...and in a previous hassle with them....any signs on their cash desk (at the far side of the shop) about refunds etc....

    i will never use them again, they bought me out with 3 months to go, then they ended up not cancelling my old contract, i had to wait until i had received the final 3rd months statement and then take them back into the store for a refund to be sent out to me....nightmare, never again.

    They did well when they bought me out of my £50 p/m o2 contract i was on last year. I only got 300 txts and 100 mins with that too.

    Well they helped me out anyway, hope they help you out.

    My first ever contract was with 3 and i will never go with them again no matter what.

    They've bought me and a few of my immediate family out of ours on more than one occasion, never had a problem.

    For the last five years at least I've never gone anywhere else!

    well i got about a year left on my blackberry will they buy me out if i go for the new i phone?

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