Phones 4 Nails

    Hi All,

    Hopefully someone can help.......

    Have been procrastinating for months about getting the HTC Desire Z .......and then just heard about the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pro.

    As you can see I am having to go down the keyboard route cos:
    a.Have nails and I'm sorry but I have tried Desire HD + I phone but really cant work the capacitive screens for texting
    b. Cant see any quality resistive screens
    c. Had enough with losing my stylus

    Has anyone got any other recommendations for a phone with

    1.Bigger the better screen
    2. External keyboard / decent resistive screen
    3. Pref Android

    Have big handbag (!!!) and have even toyed with the idea of getting a small tablet with call capability (yes I know I would look like a real ****!)

    Surely I cant be the only person with this problem? (btw - not being vain but chopping off nails is NOT an option LOL)


    Al xx
    PS Forgot to mention, am so desperate was nearly tempted to buy an external keyboard for Desire / Iphone.......


    Give Htc 7 pro a try. It has a massive screen and very big keyboard. Cheapest i managed to find is at o2 pay and go

    Original Poster

    Oooooh Wow! Thanks Casperecium!

    How did I miss that on my searches ?!

    Hmmm screen only being greedy LOL !


    Samasung Galaxy Tablet ... i dont think money is an issue when it cmes to nails and beauty lol

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    Is that the Motorola Cliq 2 ?? 3.7 "......getting there !! Would like to support Android if poss -bit of a Linux gal at heart ;-) But all these guys arent out yet......suppose will have to wait :-(

    Yeah I know the tablets are dear but by the time I finish procrastinating they'll be in the bargain bucket! Have seen video reviews on sites and its does look a bit of a brick to make calls on!

    And arent there supposed to be new tablets coming out soon too - maybe some with call capabilities ? More goodies to play with (from the girl who splashed out on a Kindle for my husband at Xmas of which he has read about 5 pages)

    Too much choice - Aaaaarrrrggggghhh!


    Dell Streak ... or the HP Slate when it comes out ... Maybe you can donate 1 to me aswell lol

    Original Poster

    Ahhh the fates have spoken.......have worked out am too brasic this month

    Will have to wait till next - wonder what will be out then ......????
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