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    Just wondering if phones purchased from Phones4U can be used with any sim card, or are stuck with the network you buy them as

    e.g. If you buy a phone with a PAYG orange £10 top up, can you then use an O2 sim with it?


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    Anyone know?

    don't think so i got a o2 pay as you go phone from there and it was locked

    Not normally on payg. What phone is it?

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    Nokia 3600 - they only sell it on orange contract but I need O2

    It's on o2 in black

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    Has to be pink (not ordering for me, ordering as a present for someone)

    Carphonewarehouse only sell it in black

    Not having much luck! Lol

    It's more expensive though. Get it unlocked?

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    Sorry, I am useless when it comes to stuff like that, how would I unlock it?

    Local market, small phone shop etc. Costs about £10 max

    Or get one of ]these

    phones 4 have phoned which are usually locked to the specific network. You can ask them to try another sim in it but the last three times i did this it was a locked handset.
    Carphonewarehouse phones are unlocked so simply buy on the cheapest deal....

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    Repped everyone for their help

    Not sure what I am going to do yet, but at least I know for sure that I need to get an O2 handset if I order from phones4u
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