Phones 4 u cashback


    I have done one of these before with no problems.. But have a question..

    I can't get a answer from phones4u as the helpline is too busy.

    I am on a deal, that gives 500 texts, but they are not enough....

    I can upgrade the tariff with vodafone to get more, but I suspect this change of tarrif may affect the cashback???

    I could also add a text pack onto my current tariff???

    I am not sure if either of these actions may affect the cashback from phones4u??


    Try this number to see if they can help. That's their reception : 01782 677600

    i think you can go to a higher tariff, not a lower one! then it wont affect your CB,

    but just confirm with the CS @ P4U

    Original Poster

    Voda Have changed my tarriff from 150 mins 500 text to 600 mins unlimited text and unlimited internet for the same price per month... lol

    I will probably have to do some clever copy and paste on the bills i send back to phones 4u
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