Phones 4 U...Free PS3/Wii? To good to be true?

    Ive seen instore and online how Phones 4 U do cashback and give you gifts like free Wii or PS3 Slim.

    I know a lot of people who had been brought out of their current contracts by phones 4 u fine and they give them the money straight away in store. They have better cash back deals on t'internet.

    But it terms of Wii or PS3 i have never seen this happen instore? or know of anyone doing this online! anyone have any experience of it? is it too good to be true?

    Does anything stop you selling the wii or ps3 and making a handsome 200 quid?

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    The phones you get with a free PS3/Wii are carp and the tarrifs are muck ie low mins/texts for more than you would normally pay

    Are they free or are you just paying a extra £10 a month to pay for them?

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    I can see what you about some of the contracts being pretty bad or not a good phone if you get a lot of free stuff.

    Ive been looking at the blackberry 8520, which is the one before the 9700 and you get pretty good deals with them. The only thing 8520 lacks if 3G and i'm not thta bothered about that to be honest.

    it just seems to good to be true. it really does... hmmm

    you do get them but they just put the price of the gift into the contract

    They are all crap deals. You would eventually be paying around twice as much for a PS3/Wii than you could if you just went and bought one.
    The calls and SMS's that you make through a phone company cost them pretty much nothing to process. So if you are on a contract of say £30 a month for 18 months, you would be paying £540
    So the phone company is making around £300 profit at least.
    And of course if you pay a higher contract, they just get more profit.
    Best to go PAYG and then buy a PS3/Wii, unless you use the phone a lot.

    Depends if you look around you can get some alright deals, I would never been able to afford a PS3 but doing it through a contract phone is a good way of spreading the payments and getting a phone with text/mins also.

    I got a 24 month £25 on O2 free ps3 with samsung tocco 600 mins and unlimited txt with £50 cashback

    PS3 120gb £240
    Phone £60
    Cahback £50

    Total £350, so £250 for 2 years on 600 mins and Unlimited txts is not bad.

    I know I am still paying £600 over 2 years but all the extras justify it.
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