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Found 11th Nov 2006

I keep seeing a lot of phones for sale on here, with typical generic comments, such as easily unlocked.
If it's so easy, why not unlock it, prior to sale (attempt)?
It's not always *that* easily to unlock some phones.

Given the amount of scammers about and the relative high value of a handset, i'd be reluctant to buy/sell from here, sorry to the genuine sellers, but that's me. I've sold mobiles on ebay a few times, never bought mind, lol, i'd just take out another contract, much cheaper :giggle:

For anyone considering buying a phone, do some research and then do some more.
Not all the whistles and bells phones will be what you may need, beware of "best phone", cos who's to say what is best? Find out what you want, and make an informed decision, and yes, i can speak with a limit of authority on this, i have 3 mobiles, on 3 different networks.
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