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    A relative of mine has quite substantial hearing loss. It has deteriorated a lot in the last few years but has stabilised. He works in sales so does a lot of travelling, going to meetings etc. He has a decent hearing aid which is nice and discreet but I was wondering if there were any decent tech items out there that could be of use to him.

    Case in point - he has an old Nokia phone, he struggles to hear it ringing because of the type of pitch it is.

    I wondered if there was a really heavy duty bluetooth device out there which would support a really good talk function when he's in his car. For that matter, a BT device which had for example a large display so he could even be visibly alerted to an incoming call.

    Also, does anybody know of any gadgets that could perhaps convert speech to text but on a swift enough basis to be useful?

    All ideas welcome, I just want to be able to do something to help him.




    I use software called dragon dictation on my iPhone 4, it's great for texting or sending emails.

    My father is 74 and is quite deaf and couldn't even hear the bluetooth that was built into his mondeo, after much research I found him a "Supertooth voice" bluetooth hands free kit with fingers crossed and hoped that it would work for him.. I needn't have worried as when we tested it, the thing was so scarily loud it made us jump and had the most amazingly clear speach of any bluetooth I've ever heard then or since! By the way, it also has text-to-speach and announces the incoming callers name and/or number and flashing indicators to alert of an incoming call. They're also quite cheap, about £40 I think, check it out and good luck with your search.

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    cheers jumpin joe - i've checked it out on amazon and sent my relative the link
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