Phones4U accept online bills?

Found 22nd Sep 2008
I've got a contract with phones4u. Its a cheque back contract.
O2 want to charge £1 to send out paper bills, will phones4u accept printed out online bills?


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yes, i had to print mine off a year or two ago, and they accepted them.

I expect so but I'd check first if I were you, wasn't aware that o2 charged for bills???

I phoned them up sometime ago when I bought a contract and they told me they would only accept original paper bills. I think this varies from deal to deal. They also told me that if I mess up one cashback claim then I would loose the remaining claims, so I would make very sure what I need to do.

I think the best thing to do is to call them and ask them what you need to do for your particular purchase and make sure you to ask them to make a note on their system as to the advice you are given and note down the name of the person you spoke to for future reference.

Also would like to say that I didnt receive the cashback claims forms with the phone like with other online shops. I was told that I would get the first claim form with details nearer the time of claiming which seems rather risky for me. I phoned them this morning and they said its on the way (I need to claim in December). By the way, I already phoned them twice before about this but never received anything. They also said that I would get the next claim form with the cheque for the first claim, and so on. Seems like I am going to have make sure these happen on time otherwise I will mess up on my claims.

Also ask them about which bill to send after which date etc. For my claim 10th of December is exacly 6 months after my purchase. They advised me to send the original bill (with the claim form) which comes after that date and I have 2 months to claim from that date (Note previously few months back they told me I would have 1 month to claim).

My advise is that you call them and find out exactly how the cashback system works for your purchase and make sure they have on record the advice they give you because these methods are there to make you fail in making your claim.

I hope this is helpful.

By the way I didnt know that o2 are going to charge for paper bills either.
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