Phones4U and transfering a number to Vodafone

    Looking for some advice on dealing with Phones4U. They are a company that I have never bought anything from in the past and for some reason I don't trust them (can't explain it or have a reason I just don't (crazy I know!)).

    Just wondering what people's experiences are like if they have bought through them and what their customer service is like?

    Also they said that if I was to take out a Vodafone contract through them then I wouldn't be able to transfer my existing mobile phone number to my new contract. A quick search online says I can transfer my number to Vodafone. Can anyone confirm whether this is true or not?

    Thanks in advance!


    Voda will only let you port in your number at the start of the contract, unlike the other networks who'll let you port in at any time. But in this case you're not starting a contract with Voda you're starting one with P4U, different company, different T&C's.

    Don't know why P4U won't let you port in at all ? Seems a bit odd, but if that's their rule, I guess that's that.


    Try posting on the VF forum.…idx

    Say you want to move to them but P4U not porting your number is putting you off. They might agree to port your number.
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