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    I wasnt sure where to put this as its not really a deal, i just want to know if this is a good offer.

    So anyway, my contract ends soon so i went to phones4u to see what they could offer me. At the end of it they offered me a free prada phone on a £40 a month contract as long as i took out insurance. That may sound expensive but they also offered me £100 cash straight away once i took out the contract and told me the insurance which is £10 a month could be lowered to £5 after one month and then cancelled after the third month. On top of this they said that after 9 months the contract could be lowered from a £40 contract to say a £25 with obviously less minutes.

    I think that works out at like £345 for the whole term or the contract or there abouts.

    So its a bit complicated but sounds good but i still want some opinions on if this is a good deal or not.

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