Found 19th Apr 2008
today my girlfriend purchased a £35 per 1 month, 18 month contract phone from phones4u today. they gave her £75 to pay her old bill off.

Shes now having second thoughts about the deal , is there a cooling off period which allows you to return the phone if you change your mind ?

the product is less than 24 hours old , can she return ? the screen covers are still in place as are all the bags.

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Has the phone actually been used to call or send a text?

you have 14 days to cancel the contract

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I made a prank call to my other phone to see if it was activated and no texts have been sent.

like redboro said you have 14 days to cancel. if you cancel within 14 days you only pay for the calls/texts you've used


was ths instore or over net? i dont think you have the same rights if instore, although i may be wrong and phones4u are the worst phone company i know of

If you've bought the phone on credit, (ie a contract)you have extra rights:
There is a 14 day cooling-off period after buying something on credit, but it only applies in very limited circumstances:

You signed the agreement face to face, not over the phone
You signed the agreement away from the creditor's place of business

i have returned a phone before in-store within 14 days, they will try all sorts of things to keep you but you just have to stand your ground and not be distracted by deals (unless you know what you want!) -- no problem returning.

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she purchased it instore and the agreement was signed instore. it is an 18th month contract and they took her bank details.

does the 14 day cooling down period still apply ?

shes not made any calls or texts so im presuming they cant charge her anything for usage.

would she have to return it to the same store she purchased it from ? we were in a neighbouring town when we signed up and its a bit of a trek back - could we pop to our local one ?


she will still have to pay something towards the days shes had it, whether calls have been made or not, your line rental is what you pay for

yes make sure u have it in your head what outcomes u want when you leave the shop.
1. cancel contract
2. return phone (in good working condition) they inspected it but just to put people off i think. check you have everything back in box including cables etc as they're easy to miss.
3. as sassie said, you pay for the line rental days you have taken, they automatically minus it.
4. the local phone line they gave on the receipt was useless no one picked it up at the branch i purchased (luckily quite near home) so i had to go back to the shop eventually. not sure if you can return any branch best to check first maybe online terms?

they will normally try thier best for you not to cancel and start offering you all sorts of complex deals which will only make sense a little after you leave the store.

So go in there knowing exactley what your after if it is another deal,or like other people have said just stick to your guns and say you want out as there is a cooling period of 14 days

yeah. same experience. Bought a phone from phones4u. THey are very friendly when they try to sell the phone. But when you bring it back, they will use all types of ways to keep you and I end up continue that deal. Cant cancel it!
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