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    I need to order 3 phones from phones4u, but when I try I get the message:

    "Your basket already contains a handset. As part of Phones 4u's commitment to security, we limit the number of handsets sold per order to one."

    So how do I go about getting more than one? Do I really have to order them separately, one after the other...or is there another way to do it, would it even allow me to order seperately or would it say I already bought one that day etc?

    Thanks to anyone who can help!


    You can only order two phones per six months I think it is per address

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    Oh really? Well I am glad I know that in advance, if I can't get 3 I don't want 2 (neices, would be all kinds of complaints if they got different!!)
    Thank you Fordy.


    It's O2 that restrict you to 2 per six months; for P4U it's 2 per 30 days contract or 3 PAYG:

    For security reasons, we are unable to supply you with more than two pay … For security reasons, we are unable to supply you with more than two pay monthly or three pay as you go mobile phones in any 30-day period. If you have placed more than 3 orders during any 30-day period you will be shown an order held for further security checks message upon confirmation, an advisor will e-mail you to confirm that your order has been cancelled.

    If you're wanting PAYG, then order them one at a time and you'll get £5 back per phone via quidco

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    Do you happen to know if that is per address, per email address, per person etc etc?

    I once had three of the same mobiles On Orange without a problem
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