Phoning New Jersey, America from the UK

    Hi everyone,

    Bit of a strange question here. I think I know the answer but would like clarification if at all possible please!

    Someone I know is trying to phone a friend who is out on holiday in New Jersey. They just want to get them some cheap stuff over there!

    They didn't take their mobile over, but are staying in a hotel. They have the number and name etc of the hotel. but it was from a business card of the hotels so it only says what number to dial when you are in the USA.

    I believe they need to dial 001 then the area code for NJ (one I believe is 908 ) then the rest of the number, which tends to be 3 numbers followed by 4.

    So I think the whole number needs to be 001 908 ### ####

    Does anyone know if this is right, or if it's wrong, does anyone know the right answer?



    That should work, dial it and see! The phone won't explode if it's incorrect

    Failing that you can almost certainly search for them on the internet and email them, they will forward any message onto their client.

    Original Poster

    Both very good points!

    Can I sue Admin if the phone does explode?!

    And also, I never even thought of getting them to e-mail the hotel! Good thinking outside of the box Melipona!

    Thanks for your replies!

    If you ever get stuck just talk to an operator they will help you call anywhere in the world and it's free to get their help.
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