Phoning Virgin Media tomorrow (new deal time)

So I Think Im Prepared, Spent last few hours checking competitors deals and finding alternatives.

Anything anyone can recommend me saying or doing to achieve a better deal.


im thinking of doing the same !!!

The only thing to say is.......You will need to go through to the disconections to get the best deal.
Say you are off to Sky as they are doing you a special deal and have some figures ready.They always knock something off even if it's a few quid for 3 or 4 months good luck, let us know how it goes

i phoned them the middle of the week for the same reason but am no further forward, I think the best way is to go through to disconnections and they seem to find deals !!!

If your going to phone them, wait til midweek and then either mid morning or mid afternoon, found that normally helps.
Dial 150 on a VM phone and the press 2, 2 which is the "thinking of leaving".
Make sure you've done your homework to get the best deal and be nice! No point demanding stuff, just say what you would like and then haggle.

Here's a link to avforums where others have descdribed what they have got, including me!…tml

I did this on Monday gone and already have a very good retention deal from last year but after a really good chat (sorry if you were trying!) my retention deal remains but my broadband is now upgraded to 50mb for a couple more pounds! Yippeeeee
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