Phono Extenstion cable question

    Hi all, I need to extened a couple of my speaker cables which is a bit of a pain because they have phono cables built into them (Logitech Z5500 speakers), anyway I was wondering if anyone could tell me the difference between these two cables, and which I should be buying, or a better alternative.

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    You need the second one which is a set of two cables for extending your existing phono plug based cable. The first one is a bit confusing as it says it is for digital coax but it is the same as the second set albeit with only one lead

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    Thanks, thought that was the one I needed just wasn't really sure what a digital coax is, so thought I would get some advice.

    Speaker cables? As in they are cables that go from an amplifier (presumably in the subwoofer) to the speaker? In which case, they don't need to be (or really want to be) coax cables as both your examples are above (the cables above will certainly work but are designed to carry very low currents). Cheapest option is to buy\obtain some standard speaker cable [the supplied cable is unlikely to be of a high quality], of a quality of your choice, cut the cables you have, insert the required length of speaker cable and rejoin, ideally using nice soldered joints, they tape or sleeve the connections.

    If you don't want to cut the cables, get a couple of inline phono sockets, a couple of phono plugs and make some extension cables; you can get find such things at Maplin, market stalls and online retailers.

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