photo advice needed -

    trying to take a photo of stainless steel cabinet

    how can i take photo - when i do it it just looks like floor reflecting

    i have tried but angle makes cabinet look iooks of proportion

    grateful of any tips



    Move it to somewhere with dark background...dont get too close...angle?


    turn the light off, or dont use flash

    Try turning off the main lights and using a spotlight from behind you or a few well positioned table lamps without their shades. Daylight works best though.

    dont take the picture naked, we will see it in the reflection

    you could use the flash, but cover up about half the flash with one of your fingers

    Original Poster

    my pics

    should look like this - i did say should

    thanks for tips - i think i will try in natural light

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    Try putting some plain paper, or a sheet, underneath it.

    done that jp - had screens around - had kids holding sheets - i will wait till tomorrow

    looked like ss cupboard reflecting sheet - dali would have been proud of me:w00t:

    thanks to all:thumbsup:
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